Negative Feedback Remains Key Issue Behind Antidepressants

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The issue of depression has been a constant subject of research studies due to the negative feedbacks about certain antidepressants as discussed on the Zoloft lawsuit information site. A recent study conducted at the University of Calgary in Canada shows that individuals who suffer from migraine headaches have a higher risk of experiencing depression. In relation to this, medical specialists are now finding out more treatments for depression since antidepressants continually bring negative effect Read More

Pelvic Organ Prolapse Difficulties

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A prolapsed pelvic organ is quite difficult to go through, medical experts say. Normally, when this kind of medical condition occurs, a person will experience lower back pains, walking difficulties, painful intercourse, some pressure in the pelvis, and urine excretion problems. There are many different reasons for which this kind of situation happens but normal child delivery is usually seen as the main cause. There are many different treatments available for people suffering from a pelvic organ Read More

The Dilemma during Pregnancy: To take Zoloft or Not

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Many of us turn to medications to achieve total well-being, but drugs like Zoloft, which failed to disclose its harmful effects to the public, left a distressing effect to its users. From the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class of drug, Zoloft is used for the therapy of major depression. When you are pregnant and taking Zoloft, please be advise of its worrying effects to infants. Zoloft birth defects are common to children of women who took the drug in the course of their pregnancy. The Read More

Smoking May Cause Potential Blood Clots Following Hip Replacement Operation

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A total hip replacement is a surgical procedure which takes out the diseased hip bone and replaces it with artificial parts. The Johnson & Johnson was later force to prompt the DePuy ASR System hip replacement recall due to the information that about 12 percent of ASR patients were required to undergo a corrective surgery due to its product’s higher-than-normal failure rate in 2010. However, there are other risks factors that may bring about hip replacement’s high failure rate, and one of Read More

Alendronate Use in Lower Doses and Potential Effects to Heart Health

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Utmost precaution in any drug therapy plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe and successful process in treating osteoporosis or any health condition, according to medical experts. In addition to promoting the efficacy of a certain medication, taking a cautious mindset may also reduce the risk of a lawsuit due to injury from Fosamax or other bisphosphonate medications. Varying doses of a certain drug may bode different effects to a patient. In a recent study that zeroed in on the effects of Read More

Continuous Improvement of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Treatment

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Pelvic organ prolapse or POP is a medical condition in which the weakening of the muscles supporting the pelvic organs happens and which make one’s bladder, rectum, uterus, or small intestine bulges own into the vagina. This medical problem has been going on for years and the painful symptoms that comes with pelvic organ prolapse have been patiently dealt with by people. Of course, they are always dependent on the current medical treatment available for this kind of condition. It is a good Read More

How Zoloft Affects Children’s Minds

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Children who have miserable mood problems may have symptoms different than adults', according to psychiatrists, even though they may experience the same severity and duration. Just as kids may have different ways in presenting signs of depression, they may also react to medications differently like when they take Zoloft and experience severe side effects. Thus it may be beneficial to know how these medications affect children before prescribing them, mental health experts say. However, a closer Read More

School Counselors Help in Depression

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Depression may affect young children and teens as well as adults, psychiatrists say, although each age group has its own way of showing it. Antidepressants may be prescribed but there are doubts in the safety of children taking Zoloft, which have even raised lawsuits against Zoloft maker, Pfizer. School counselors are often the one who face problematic students to help them sort out the problem; thus, they are also capable of helping out students with depression. Recognizing that the student is troubled Read More

Healing Emotionally from Broken Bones

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As with any ailment, breaking a bone from osteoporosis may not only involve detrimental effects to physical health, but may also take a great toll to the afflicted's emotional wellness, health experts say. Alongside the risk of experiencing a repeat fracture is also the risk of adverse reactions to treatment which could be a potential source of emotional distress for a patient as he or she goes through the process of filing a Fosamax lawsuit. Although the emotional effects of the bone disease Read More

Four Glasses of Alcohol Consumption Cuts Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk in Women

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Researchers remain puzzled over the current trends in rheumatoid arthritis, orthopedic experts say, pointing out that women are experiencing many more cases of the disease than men. This means that women have higher chances of acquiring hip replacement surgery to eliminate the pain. However, getting a hip replacement may sometime worsen the condition. There are a lot of help centers regarding this matter and one of them is the DePuy pinnacle lawsuit. However, moderate alcohol consumption may also Read More